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How Modeling Success can Help You Rise Above Toxic Social Media Comparisons.

How Modeling Success can Help You Rise Above Toxic Social Media Comparisons.

In this video we explore the work of Dr. Albert Bandura around “Modeling” and why this may be more effective in helping you overcome fear doubt and/or stagnation, vs. the increasingly common yet potentially harmful comparisons such as, “Others have faced greater challenges and still found a way to succeed." While this may be well meaning, there is evidence in psychology that may suggest these comparisons are not only unhelpful, but potentially destructive for the following reasons: 1. Invalidation 2. Comparison Fallacy Everyone's experiences and challenges are unique. Research has shown that social comparisons, especially in the era of social media, can lead to feelings of envy, low self-esteem, and increased rates of depression. 3. Hinders Help-Seeking 4. Overlook Context. Everyone's circumstances and coping mechanisms are different. Telling someone that others had it worse overlooks the unique interplay of biology, psychology, and social factors influencing behavior. 5. Can Foster Shame. 6. May Perpetuate a false sense of austerity. While resilience and grit are valuable traits, the blanket valorization of stoicism can be harmful. 7. Mitigates Collective Action. If everyone believes their problems aren't special or severe, societal issues may go unaddressed. While it's important to recognize and celebrate resilience and the ability of people to overcome challenges, it's equally important to approach individual struggles with empathy, understanding, and of course a viable strategy as opposed to assertions like “just be better”, which provokes an emotional response but essentially tells you nothing. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section. #coaching #confidence #research #modeling #socialmedia #psychology


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