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The 30 Day Transformation Programme

Imagine this: three frogs sitting on a log in the middle of a pond and it is blazing hot outside. One frog reasons to himself “it’s hot out here on this pond. I think I’ll jump in the water and cool myself off.”

Question: how many frogs are now left on the log?


Most people instinctively answer “two” but that would be incorrect. The frog in question simply thought about jumping in. He never actually made the leap. Therefore, three frogs remain on the log; only one is in deep thought about changing his circumstances.


An important thing to note here is that it takes more than knowing what to do to change. Change requires that you not only exercise your body, but exercise your volition to take action every day in the direction of the results you desire. It requires the mindset to continually take action, and in effect, transfer knowledge into tangible results. Anyone who has ever set a fitness goal, and achieved it, did so because they had the ability to master the inner “attitudes of mind” that create the outer behaviors to produce and support the results they want. Without mastering the habits that are aligned with what you desire, even if a degree of success is attained, it is unlikely it will be sustained. If it were merely a matter of knowing what to do, let’s face it, by age thirty mostly everyone would be healthy, fit and have the body they’ve always wanted! Just go into any major bookstore and there are hundreds of books on how to succeed in every aspect of your life. The problem is that everything you desire to manifest in your outer world is dependent on the mastery of your inner world.


In this program, I will assist you day by day, little by little, in cultivating the clarity, beliefs and habits that are congruent with the type of person who is wholly capable of creating the results he or she desires. By simply deciding to get going on your journey, you’ve demonstrated that you’re engineered to be that type of person. If you just commit to staying with it, for the next 30 days, no matter what, the evidence of this fact will become increasingly clear to you over the course of the next 30 days (that’s a single month.)


If you won the lottery and could choose between an immediate payout of $1 million, or take a penny, doubled in value every day for the next 30 days, which would you choose? The instinctive response for many of us would be the $1 million payout. It makes sense; it’s a lot of money upfront. A penny, by comparison, just doesn’t feel as exciting, does it? The next day, you may really regret your decision when you realize that you’ve only accumulated two cents. By the end of the week, you might be significantly depressed to discover you only have 64 cents. The week after, on day fifteen, you may even be inconsolable as half the month had passed and you’ve amassed a fortune of $163.84! Here’s the thing, if you just hung in there, one day at a time, by day thirty you would have amassed a sum total of $5,368,702.12! Now that’s a huge payoff for a little bit of patience, isn’t it? This is analogous to compounding effort. In the beginning, each daily exercise may seem to produce a modest level of progress. You may not notice major changes to your thinking or your daily habits by day three. Similarly, by day five or ten, you may not feel like a health and fitness legend just yet. In fact, the changes you experience might be so subtle that you barely notice them at all. This is where most people fall short of their potential. Most people talk themselves out of success before they even get started. Because of fear, cynicism, lack of direction or self-doubt, they never get going. Even if they do get started, they quit far too soon; often right before a major life changing break through is about to occur. They quit because they don’t see dramatic results immediately, which is an unfortunate decision, because they stop taking action literally moments before the extraordinary breakthroughs they seek occur. Don’t let this person be you.


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